KYMCO Technology

KYMCO development policy



Research and development is fundamental for a company. As one of the world leaders in motorcycle manufacture, KYMCO invests constantly in the research and development department.

KYMCO Research and Development



The Research and Development department was founded in 1978. Since then, KYMCO has invested significantly in order to provide consumers with reliable products that offer them satisfaction. No compromise has been made to the staffing of the department with the most talented engineers and installation of the most modern automated design and test equipment.

Procedures for the design and development of products



Strict quality control

KYMCO is constantly seeking ways for producing products that meet meet the highest international quality standards. Attention is paid to every production process in order to be able to produce excellent quality products therefore winning the recognition of consumers.


Automatic production process



From the manufacture of molds, manufacturing of tools, casting of metals by the welding and paint, KYMCO has implemented an automation system with machine tools controlled by computers (CIM). Trained technicians are able to manipulate this system to increase productivity and achieve the excellent quality of products. It is no surprise that the KYMCO was the first factory awarded the Taiwan National Quality Award.

TPM - Total product management

Seeking the highest quality, KYMCO adopts total quality control management (TQM) in the management and construction of the system and promotes overall product management (TPM). Electronic methods of control in connection with the above systems applied, ensure the perfect operation of all subsystems every bike that leaves the production line. In the near future, KYMCO is targeting an ambitious business plan in order to conquer the challenge of zero defect of products (zero defect).