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Agility 125 Carry E4

Efficient, affordable and versatile.

Euro-4 New

The Kymco Agility Carry is the perfect delivery scooter for those who need an efficient, affordable and versatile transport solution. Purposely built for delivery the Agility Carry is fitted with two transport racks front and rear,...

People ONE 125I CBS E4

User and Environment friendly

Euro-4 New

The new EURO-4 People One maintains all the familiar features of its predecessors: everyday use, simple and unique.

With big wheels, a practical flat floor and a comfortable saddle is a daily use city scooter, but in a comp...

People S 125i ABS E4

Natural Habitat: The City

Euro-4 New

Agile and lightweight, the new People S is available in the two 125 and 150 cc engines. Modern from every point of view. Starting from the new G5 Eco engine, it guarantees even lower fuel consumption.

Between traffic lights...

Agility 125i CBS E4

Cost Effective Scooter

Euro-4 New

Kymco's Best Seller Scooter returns.

Upgraded to Euro-4 standards, it remains flexible and cost effective in regards of pricing and maintenance. If your daily commute goes through the city center and if you have to go every...


The city is its natural enviroment. 

Euro-4 New

Modern and at the same time classic. Recognizable and distinct as ever, but completely redesigned the new LIKE II.

With a completely new efficient 4-valve Euro-4 engine, more powerful, quieter and even more economical with ...

X-Town 125 CBS E4

New kid in town

Euro-4 New

A totally new model in the popular category of the mega scooter, which brings together all the features that are essential to the modern rider. Euro-4 uses a 125 cc G5 engine with an emphasis on economy and linear performance.


People S 150i ABS E4

Riding in Style

Euro-4 New

Versatile and lightweight, the new People S is available in 125cc and 150cc models. Modern in every respect. The new efficient 4-valve G5-ECO engine guarantees even lower fuel consumption while its performance is top-of-the-line fo...

Agility 16+ 200I ABS

Your city, its world

Euro-4 New

The AGILITY series has created the category of economic scooters with bigger wheels.

The Agility16 + 200i ABS comes refreshed for one purpose, to conquer the city. Upgraded to EURO-4 specifications, as well as safety-enhanc...

Agility 16+ 125I CBS E4

A legend with many extras.

Euro-4 New

The AGILITY line created a category of an economic scooter with large wheels upgraded to new standards EURO-4. Including electronic injection and the combined braking.

More versatility, with 14-spoke rear wheel. More safety...


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